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Deliver media from your archives to the world

The best of both worlds - DAM for Sitecore combines a Digital Asset Management system’s strength with Sitecore's ability to deliver powerful Enterprise Content Management solutions.

It's never been easier to use photos and video on websites and in printed material.

With DAM for Sitecore, you give your customers the opportunity to use assets and large media files, such as photos, animations and video, simply and easily in Sitecore. It provides more structure and saves your resources.

You save time because you use the same file for all purposes. You don’t need to edit, for example, photos and optimize them for the internet before they need to go online. Your DAM system does it automatically. Your time-to-market will be much faster, for example, the launch of new products.

For more information, please visit or contact our sales department.

Peter Toft
International Sales Manager / Partner Manager
+45 22 20 15 12


Here are your benefits

Integrated security reflects Sitecore roles, allowing detailed user profiles, privileges, etc.


Parallel APIs make it equally easy to retrieve assets from DAM for Sitecore and Sitecore


Preview and search features help you quickly navigate millions of assets


“Crop and Zoom” assets directly in Sitecore


Cache ensures the high performance you expect with Sitecore CMS


Scalable over multiple front-end servers


Edit DigiZuite™ DAM asset metadata directly in Sitecore


Comes with an easy-to-use video player


Bulk upload assets from Sitecore to DigiZuite™ DAM (includes bulk setting metadata)